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Proving Ground

Farm scale trials and rigorous Agrellus methodology ensure product viability and real world results on performance.

It's like talking to your neighbor!

Independent Certification of emerging Specialty Products

The Agrellus Proving Ground Seal represents solid facts to farming operations across America about performance, agronomics, and economics on a variety of inputs and specialty products.  


At scale farm practices and intelligence is what the farmer can trust!

  • Specialty Products

  • Biologicals

  • Regional Trial Results

  • At Scale Testing

  • Agronomic Analysis

  • Economic Indicators

  • On Farm Data

  • 100% Agrellus Managed

  • Independent Trial Methodology

Checking the Crops

Proving Ground

The Agrellus agronomic and economic algorithm utilizes over 370 data points derived from real farming practices to inform a performance outcome indicator that you can trust! 

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