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Proving Ground

Farm scale trials and rigorous Agrellus methodology ensure product viability and real world results on performance.

It's like talking to your neighbor!

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Independent Certification of emerging Specialty Products

The Agrellus Proving Ground Seal represents solid facts to farming operations across America about performance, agronomics, and economics on a variety of inputs and specialty products.  


At scale farm practices and intelligence is what the farmer can trust!

  • Specialty Products

  • Biologicals

  • Regional Trial Results

  • At Scale Testing

  • Agronomic Analysis

  • Economic Indicators

  • On Farm Data

  • 100% Agrellus Managed

  • Independent Trial Methodology

Checking the Crops

The Agrellus agronomic and economic algorithm utilizes over 370 data points derived from real farming practices to inform a performance outcome indicator that you can trust! 

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