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Ag Inputs

Delivering the margin that farming operations need, every hour of every day!

Summer Farm

The Marketplace provides new and trusted solutions through suppliers near you!

Because we are not an Ag Retailer, we help make the best Ag Retailers even better!  Agrellus technology ensures that the right seed, fertilizer, chemical, biological, and speciality products are at your fingertips, every hour of every day. 

  • Quickly locate inputs

  • Transparent process

  • Easy to use!

  • Farm Trial Data

  • Certified Participating Suppliers

  • Extreme Value

  • Agrellus Financing

  • Convenient Payment Terms

  • Chemical, Fertilizer

  • Specialty Products

  • Water Systems

  • Mobile Application flexibility!

Boy with Calf

Become a part of the Agrellus community today!

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