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Performance & Sustainability

Reservations for Agrellus Farm Leaders 2023 & 2024.

Summer Farm

Agrellus Farm Leaders are hungry for products that work at practical farm scale.  Our research team has worked closely with farmers to develop a concise agronomic and economic analysis product to prove the effectiveness of Ag Inputs across North America.

Proving Ground

Meeting the needs of Farm Leaders throughout

North America!

At Agrellus we "think like a farmer" when Ag inputs are applied to the farm throughout the planting, growing, and harvest season. Our Farm Leaders help manufacturers learn from practical farm implementation of their products across a variety of environments and practice methods. Agrellus ensures the independent agronomic and economic analysis is accurate for the farming community.  Manufacturers finally have a tool that growers can trust at practical farm scale.  

Holiday CS - Dallas TX
Adjuvant manufacturer.
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