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Delivering extreme value to the
Farming Family.  

The only solution where the Farmer always wins

We give complementary accounts to Farmers. Well deserved!

A better experience,

every hour of every day! 

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Key Advantages 

How we increase business value!

Time is Money

Since we are farmers, we know that 100s of phone calls take time. Agrellus returns that time and saves you money all at once!

Drive your Margins

We make sure Farmers get the best deals in the market, because we know the best suppliers, period. 

Unlock Buying Potential

Farmers, like us, are truly competitive and that's why we help you maintain the best relationships year after year. 

Winning Combination

The Agrellus mission with the local economy is to provide opportunity to your sons and daughters through our University programs and keep hard earned farm dollars in your deserve it!

Keep Things Secure

Our technology is secure and reliable. You can depend on Agrellus to always take care of data in a very secure way and you should always reap the ultimate benefit. 

Practical farming solutions for the agri-business community.

We serve Farmers who expect to get the best value in the Ag Marketplace!

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Our Areas of Expertise

We Assist at the Start

We focus on delivering the best value on Ag Inputs, Specialty Product Data, and Carbon Equity, where the farming operation benefits most!  


Where you find the best overall value on a variety of Ag inputs and advanced services.

Proving Ground

Manufacturers demonstrate the value of their product at farm scale.  A "Proving Ground Seal" is evidence of rigorous "on farm" practical use and measured outcomes. 

Real Carbon

Carbon markets belong to the farmer.  Agrellus Real Carbon launches in 2023 with the Farmer squarely in control!

What Makes Us Different?

Agrellus connects the community, saves you time and delivers the best value through certified suppliers.

The result: better margins and profit!

Using a Touch Phone

Mobile Technology &
and entirely Transparent 

With Agrellus, you get the latest technology to communicate with your favorite suppliers on your terms.

Teacher Assisting a Student

Ag University Students Assist

Nothing is more important than helping your sons and daughters succeed.  University students from all across America help you understand the benefits of Agrellus even more.

Apple Pie

Farmer Support

We know that helping Farmers succeed makes the entire community better. We make using the platform really easy!

Family Gardening

100s of Years
of Farm Experience

The Agrellus Marketplace was born out of family farming operations and technology must always keep the farm in focus!  We think we do what farmers like best!

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