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The only solution where Farmers always win

We give complimentary accounts to Farmers. Well deserved!

A better experience,

every hour of every day! 

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Key Advantages 

Time is Money

Since we are farmers, we know that 100s of phone calls take time. Agrellus returns that time and saves you money all at once!

Drive your Margins

Because we are not an Ag Retailer, we help make the best Ag Retailers across the US even better! 

Unlock Buying Potential

Farmers, like us, are truly competitive and that's why we help you maintain the best relationships year after year. 

We serve Farmers who expect to get the best value in the Ag Marketplace!

Where you find the best overall value on a variety of Ag inputs and advanced services.

A "Proving Ground Seal" is evidence of rigorous "on farm" practical use and measured outcomes for Manufacturers. 

Sustainability and Carbon markets begin with the farmer.  Agrellus solves the issue with the Farmer!

Agrellus connects the community, saves you time and delivers the best value through certified suppliers. 

The result: better margins and profit!

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Corporate Headquarters: 

Innovation Hub

3911 4th Street, Suite 216  

Lubbock,Texas 79415

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